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    Winter Weather Guidelines Winter Weather Guidelines ​ When winter weather occurs, the safety and well-being of students is our top priority. It is always our goal to have school in session and we take the decision to close schools very seriously. How do we make the decision to open or close schools? When weather conditions are challenging, we make the decision to open or close schools based on careful consideration of several factors, including: Data from the National Weather Service with updates regarding temperature, wind chill, and snow/ice accumulation. Changes to the weather forecast during the course of the school day that indicates if conditions will improve or worsen. Transportation concerns, including anticipated concerns due to weather changes throughout the school day. Condition of mechanical systems to ensure electricity and heat are working properly. Condition of parking lots and sidewalks surrounding school buildings. Snow removal status and road conditions in the community. Discussions with surrounding school districts, including Morton District 201 and North Berwyn District 98. How will families be notified? Information is posted first on school and district websites , Facebook , and Twitter Emails/texts/phone calls to parents/guardians Local television and radio stations Emergency Closing Center's website *Please be sure that the school office has updated email and phone contacts Athletics/Extra-curricular activities If school is not in session, all athletic and extra-curricular activities, including practices, will be cancelled. In instances when school is in session and inclement weather is forecasted for after school hours, after school activities may be cancelled. Parents will be notified as early as possible in these situations. The Final Decision Parents/guardians ultimately make the decision if conditions safely allow for their children to attend school. If school is in session and you decide to keep your child home due to severe weather conditions, it will count as an excused absence. In this case, please contact the school office by 8:30 a.m. to let them know your child will not be in attendance. ​ ​


    Frequently Asked Questions Please scroll down the page or click on the links to the right to view information related to frequently asked questions in BSD100. General COVID-19 Related Health and Safety In-Person Learning Curriculum Instruction Special Education General Back to the top of the page COVID-19 Related Back to the top of the page Health & Safety In-Person Learning Back to the top of the page Curriculum Instruction Back to the top of the page Special Education Back to the top of the page


    Professional Development Professional Development in D100 Berwyn South School District 100 is committed to facilitating ongoing professional learning for its staff. As such, we adhere to the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning. These standards guide the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional learning activities in Berwyn South School District 100 as required by the Illinois State Board of Education. "Learning Forward's standards outline the essential elements of and conditions for professional learning that strengthens educator effectiveness and increases student learning. Widespread attention to the standards increases equity of access to high-quality education for every student, not just for those lucky enough to attend schools in more advantaged communities" ( ). Our standards for PD focus on: Learning Communities Leadership Resources Data Learning Designs Implementation Outcomes In addition to participation in professional development opportunities on Institute Days, at after-school workshops, and by attending conferences, Berwyn South School District 100 staff are actively engaging in asynchronous learning options via webinars, Twitter chats, the EdLeadersNetwork, etc. The intended outcome of all Berwyn South School District 100 professional development is to increase educators' practice in order to facilitate successful student learning.


    Gifted & Accelerated Learning Gifted & Accelerated Learning ​ Welcome! ​ Berwyn South School District 100 students identified by agreed upon criteria will participate in a continuum of accelerated learning opportunities including (but not limited to) virtual instruction, mentoring, and challenge based learning with the support of their classroom teacher and coach. ​ ​ Please click on the link below to view our Accelerated and Gifted Learning Handbook ​ BSD100 Accelerated and Gifted Learning Handbook ​ ​


    Office of Teaching & Learning Beatriz Maldonado, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning ​ Karina Cruz, Administrative Assistant for Teaching & Learning ​ Jeanette Briseno, Director of Language Acquisition ​ Ivonne Webber, Administrative Assistant for Language Acquisition ​ Lindsey Sinde, Director of Learning Management & Assessment ​ Samantha Shuman, Director of Instructional Innovation ​ Amanda Thompson, Preschool Director Elias Salgado, Administrative Assistant for Preschool ​ Leah O’Donnell, Literacy Coordinator ​ Theresa Adelphia Bi-literacy Coordinator ​ Christine Ivnik Math Coordinator ​ Home Curriculum Assessment Gifted & Accelerated Program Preschool Information Health & Wellness Learning Software Links Our American Voice Standards Based Learning Summer School Title 1 1:1 Wireless Device Program E-Learning Staff Login


    At Home Learning Please click on the link below: This link includes further information on how the family can use the available apps with students. Please click for more information Cyber Safety Campaign The following is a list of available app options for students to use for learning at home. Below are some free online resources that can be sources of activities and inspiration Museum Virtual Tours National Geographic Field Museum Flipgrid Storyline Online Go Noodle Math Before Bed Global Digital Library Khan Academy Learning Equality Breakout EDU Authors Live on Social Media Low Cost Internet Options Technical Support Curriculum Page Bridges Math Practice Books MATH DEPARTMENT Please click the link(s) below to access further educational tools Special Education Services SPECIAL EDUCATION Please click the link(s) below to access further educational tools Please follow the links below for department resources to help your child learn from home D100 Literacy (ELA) LITERACY DEPARTMENT Please click the link(s) below to access further educational tools INSTRUCTIONAL COACHES Please click the link(s) below to access further educational tools 1:1 Program Preschool Services PRESCHOOL DEPARTMENT Please follow the links below to access further educational tools Physical Education Services PHYSICAL EDUCATION Please click the link(s) below to access further educational tools


    Community Community Page Links ​ Home Community Flyers Community Organizations Crisis Information Covid-19 Information Low Cost Internet Search Results

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    Vision, Mission & Beliefs The vision of Berwyn South School District 100 is to inspire a passion for learning in every child. Our mission is to create inclusive learning environments where students take ownership of their academic and personal growth, embrace diversity, and strive to be positive influencers in our changing world. We believe in providing students with rigorous and personalized learning opportunities that prepare them for academic excellence and future success. We believe in utilizing innovative instructional practices that encourage collaboration, creativity, and exploration. We believe in student-centered classrooms and schools that are supportive, safe, and responsive to the social and emotional needs of students, staff, and families. We believe in using several measures to determine student success and to make informed decisions that lead to continuous student growth. We believe in engaging with families and community members to create partnerships that actively support students’ development and learning. We believe in creating and maintaining a culture where students and staff learn from each other, share ideas, and build supportive, collaborative relationships. We believe in enhancing our academic program by providing a variety of extra-curricular opportunities for students to develop and explore individual interests and talents. Click on this link to see our new video.


    Superintendent A Message From Our Superintendent Mary Havis Superintendent ​ email: phone: 708-303-4033


    Our American Voice Our American Voice ​ Welcome! ​ Our American Voice (OAV) Our American Voice Website District 100 students are getting involved in their communities and making a difference as a part of Our American Voice . This program aims at getting youth involved in the democratic process through active community problem solving in a program that is engaging, interactive and grounded in real life. ---Governor Quinn sent a letter to District 100 recognizing the efforts of the OAV students. Read below ---Freedom Middle School students' OAV project was featured in a Sun Times article. Read here ---OAV students were interviewed about their projects on CBS Channel 2 News in May. Photos from the live broadcast can be viewed here - OAV Broadcast Photos ​ Recognition - School District 100 District 100 OAV students traveled to Springfield to participate in the OAV summit with students from across the state. Emerson students were featured in the WAND news segment!


    What is the 2020 Census? ​ Census 2020 ​ District 100 is proud to be partnering with the City of Berwyn and the U.S. Census Bureau to share important information about the 2020 Census and encourage our community to be counted! ​ ¡El Distrito 100 se enorgullece de asociarse con la ciudad de Berwyn y la Oficina del Censo de EE. UU. para compartir información importante sobre el Censo 2020 y alentar a nuestra comunidad a ser contados! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Job Opportunities In advance of the 2020 Census, the U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting hundreds of thousands of people for temporary jobs across the United States and Puerto Rico. ​ Please click the link below for more information and find out what jobs might be available for you ​ ​ ​ ​ Please click for 2020 Census info Please click for 2020 Census Job info CENSUS 2 IMAGES-2020-980 x 571-v01-150 SIS Week Social Media_Facebook_Twitter_L CENSUS BSD100-2020-980 x 571-v02 CENSUS 2 IMAGES-2020-980 x 571-v01-150 1/4 The 2020 Census and Confidentiality - El Censo del 2020 y la Confidencialidad

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