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Board Member Handbook

   Board Member Handbook   



The Berwyn South School District 100 Board of Education understands and appreciates that access to quality public education is not just a constitutional requirement, but also a moral and ethical imperative. Ensuring students have an opportunity to fully maximize their potential is the guiding principle. Accordingly, all students are entitled to a quality educational experience that prepares them to be college and career ready and inspires them to be lifelong learners.


This is no easy task. It requires necessary and appropriate leadership from many levels within the organization, including building staff, principals, District 100 administration and the Board of Education. It requires a Board of Education that is both collectively and individually committed to governing as a professional oversight board. This means a dedication to the principles and practices of professional governance, a shared understanding and adherence to board policies and internal protocols, a focus on continuous improvement as an embodiment of a lifelong learner, and a willingness to model effective leadership to students, staff and the community at large.

What is effective leadership? There are thousands of books on this subject but here’s a few key points when working on a board:

  • Speak to share your vision, not to wound another

  • Listen to understand, not respond

  • Demonstrate the behavior you expect from others

  • Recognize success and let it be known

  • Motivate, inspire and empower others

  • Take responsibility for your decisions, action or inaction

  • Keep kids at the forefront

    The purpose of this handbook is to provide a document that will support new and future board members in understanding the role of the Board of Education and the policies and procedures that govern the work. A significant component of new school board member orientation is a thorough understanding of the contents of this book as well as training mandated by the State of Illinois.

    Education is continuously evolving, as such, updates will continually be made to ensure this handbook is current and relevant.

Please click on the link below to view the Board Member Handbook. 

Board Member Handbook

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