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Business & Finance

Business & Finance

For more information please contact:


Jennifer Hosty

Business Manager, Ext. 4008 


Toni LeGare, Ext. 4007

● Payroll Services

● TRS and IMRF Benefits

● OMNI/403b & 457 plans

● Food Service Coordinator

• Loan Verification


Melanie Coffey, Ext. 4023

● Employee Health Benefits

● Employee Assistance Program

● FMLA Family Medical Leave Act requests

● Injury Incidents and Workman’s Compensation

● University Course Approval/Tuition Reimbursement and Lane Changes

Carolina Macedo, Ext. 4002

● Accounts Payable 

● Medical Reimbursements

• Purchase Order Processing

● Student Activity Account

Finance Publications


Below you will find our most current budget, Annual Financial Report, and Auditor's Report.

Administrators' Salary Compensation Report

Public Act 0609 requires that school districts post the IMRF Salary Compensation Report on or before October 1st of each year.

Public Act 96-0434 requires that school districts post the Administrators' Salary Compensation Report

on or before October 1st of each year.


Budget Implementation Act Requirements

Public Act 95-707 requires that school districts post all collective bargaining agreements.

Negotiated Agreements
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