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District Office Staff

District Office Staff

  Office of the Superintendent  


Dr. Mary Havis,


Mirna Pedraza,

Administrative Assistant for the Superintendent and Board of Education 

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  Business Office  


Jenny Hosty,

Business Manager, CSBO

Toni LeGare,

Administrative Assistant for the Business Office

Melanie Coffey,

Administrative Assistant for the Business & Personnel 

Carolina Macedo,

Administrative Assistant for the Business Office

Victor Tello,

Transportation Coordinator

Niva Leal,

Administrative Assistant for Transportation

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  Office of Teaching & Learning  


Beatriz Maldonado,

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning

Karina Cruz,

Administrative Assistant for Teaching & Learning

Jeanette Briseno,

Director of Language Acquisition

Ivonne Weber,

Administrative Assistant for Language Acquisition

Lindsey Sinde,

Director of Learning Management & Assessment

Samantha Shuman,

Director of Instructional Innovation

Amanda Thompson,

Preschool Director

Elias Salgado,

Administrative Assistant for Preschool

Leah O’Donnell,

Literacy Coordinator

Christine Ivnik

Math Coordinator

Theresa Adelphia

Biliteracy Coordinator

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  Office of Special Education  


Sarah Fies

Special Education Director

Joel Dukett,

Special Education Coordinator

Lupita DeLa Riva,

Administrative Assistant for the Office of Special Education

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  Office of Technology  


Jim Kloss,

Director of Information Technologies

Vanessa Cisneros,

Administrative Assistant for Technology

Sally Caicedo

Student Management & Data Specialist

Jay Ivetic,

IT Network Specialist

Daniel Hernandez,

IT Network Specialist

Ernesto Zamudio,

IT Network Specialist

Jay Manske,

IT Apple Certified Technician

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  Office of Buildings & Grounds  


George Lambesis,

Director of Buildings & Grounds

Paulino Sanchez,

Assistant Director of Buildings and Grounds

Bianca Sanchez,

Administrative Assistant for Buildings & Grounds

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