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Professional Development

Professional Development in D100

Berwyn South School District 100 is committed to facilitating ongoing professional learning for its staff. As such, we adhere to the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning. These standards guide the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional learning activities in Berwyn South School District 100 as required by the Illinois State Board of Education. "Learning Forward's standards outline the essential elements of and conditions for professional learning that strengthens educator effectiveness and increases student learning. Widespread attention to the standards increases equity of access to high-quality education for every student, not just for those lucky enough to attend schools in more advantaged communities" (

Our standards for PD focus on:

  • Learning Communities

  • Leadership

  • Resources

  • Data

  • Learning Designs

  • Implementation

  • Outcomes

In addition to participation in professional development opportunities on Institute Days, at after-school workshops, and by attending conferences, Berwyn South School District 100 staff are actively engaging in asynchronous learning options via webinars, Twitter chats, the EdLeadersNetwork, etc. The intended outcome of all Berwyn South School District 100 professional development is to increase educators' practice in order to facilitate successful student learning.

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