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    Staff Login Staff Login ​ ​ Email: ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ D100 Internal Curriculum ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ AESOP/Frontline ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ Powerschool ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ SchoolDude ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Helpdesk ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ Pivot ​ Please click here to access your account ​ ​ ​ ​ Mentor Program Information ​ Please click here ​ ​


    Curriculum Berwyn South School District 100 provides a comprehensive educational program that focuses on college and career readiness while encouraging students to be active learners. The district’s English language arts and math curriculum align with the Illinois Learning Standards, which are based on the Common Core State Standards. District 100 recently created a scope and sequence that provides clear and consistent expectations of what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Our science curriculum is based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the social science curriculum covers topics based on Illinois Learning Standards. The curriculum in all content areas and exploratory courses is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to master content standards while challenging them to reach their greatest academic potential. District 100 is committed to enriching the curriculum through exploration, creativity and collaboration, and providing instruction based on the individual needs of every student. ​ District 100 Curriculum Brochures ​ Kinder Curriculum Document 2021-22 First Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Second Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Third Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Fourth Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Fifth Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Sixth Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Seventh Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 Eighth Grade Curriculum Document 2021-22 ​ Math ​ Grades K-5 ​ Berwyn South elementary students use Bridges in Mathematics , a comprehensive curriculum that supports teachers in their application of the Illinois Learning Standards for Mathematics via a rigorous, engaging, coherent manner that all District 100 students can access. Students develop deep understanding of mathematical concepts, solve complex problems, and build proficiency with key skills. ​ An overview of Bridges in Mathematics for families; available in English or Spanish ​ Please click the link below and scroll down the page ( see example here ) to chose the grade level, K-5, that you're seeking. Bridges Math Standards K-5, scroll down the page to find your grade level ​ ​ Math App K-5 Resources ​ These apps are based on the visual models featured in Bridges in Mathematics. All apps are available in two or more versions: a web app for all modern browsers, and downloadable versions for specific operating systems and devices (such as Apple iOS for iPad). ​ Math Apps ​ K-5 Math Dreambox ​ ​ Grades 6-8 ​ At Berwyn South District 100 we integrate Desmos Middle School Math Curriculum with Illustrative Math . Our students use the Desmos platform to interact with math, think critically, create problematic activities, give students the ability to be right and wrong, connect representations, create objects, and engage in mathematical conversations between teachers and students. ​ Illustrative Math Overview: ​ Information for families: ​ Grade 6: ​ Grade 7: Grade 8: ​ ​ Math App K-8 Resources ​ K-8 Math IXL ​ ​ ​ Literacy and Content: Year at a Glance Grades K-8 ​ Please click the link below to chose the grade level that you're seeking ​ Kindergarten Grade 1 ​ Grade 2 ​ Grade 3 ​ Grade 4 ​ Grade 5 ​ Grade 6 ​ Grade 7 ​ Grade 8 ​ ​ Literacy App K-8 Resources ​ K-5 Literacy Lexia 6-8 Literacy Achieve 3000 ​ ​ ​ Health & Safety ​ ​ Public Act 102-0522 Our district partners with Corazon Community Services to provide lessons within their curriculum on sexual abuse and assault awareness. They use the MAD/CUIDATE curriculum found here and here . If you have any questions, please contact our Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning: ​ Beatriz Maldonado 708-303-4014 Curriculum Math Literacy Curriculum Literacy Curriculum Math


    Language Acquisition Language Acquisition ​ Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Ahora que comienza el nuevo ciclo escolar, debemos de recordar que todo inicio representa nuevos retos y sueños por cumplir, sin embargo también da oportunidad a nuevas aventuras por vivir en compañía de todos sus compañeros y maestros. Nuestro principal objetivo es formar el desarrollo lingüístico y académico de nuestros estudiantes. Les deseamos a todos un año escolar lleno de aprendizaje. Now that the new school year begins, we must remember that every beginning represents new challenges and dreams to fulfill, but it also gives the opportunity to new adventures to live in the company of all classmates and teachers. Our main objective is to form the linguistic and academic development of our students. We wish you all a school year full of learning. VISION Students in the department of language acquisition will become bilingual, bi-literate, bicultural, and be high academic achievers by the time they graduate from 8th grade. ​ OUR MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the language services department is to empower and instill pride in children’s bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural identity in order for them to be successful global citizens who will be college and career ready. We commit to redefining bilingual education through the use of an additive model that includes the integration of effective biliteracy and bicultural practices that embrace the whole child. ​ VISIÓN Los estudiantes en el departamento de adquisición del idioma se convertirán en estudiantes bilingües, biliterales, biculturales y tendrán alto rendimiento académico cuando se gradúen del 8vo grado. NUESTRA MISION La misión del departamento de servicios de idiomas es capacitar e inculcar orgullo en el bilingüismo y la iliteraria de los niños, y su identidad bicultural con el fin de que sean ciudadanos globales exitosos que estarán preparados con habilidades para funcionar en la universidad y en una carrera. Nos comprometemos a la redefinición de la educación bilingüe a través del uso de un modelo aditivo que incluye la integración de las prácticas de alfabetización bilingüe y bicultural eficaces que abarcan al niño en su totalidad. Jeanette Briseño Director of Language Acquisition/Directora de Adquisición de Lenguaje 708-303-4021 Welcome to the Department of Language Acquisition ​ As the department director, I am here to answer any question you may have regarding our language programs. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning more about what our programs offer. ​ Bienvenido al Departamento de Adquisición de Lenguaje Como directora del departamento estoy aquí para responder a cualquier pregunta que tenga acerca de nuestros programas de lenguaje. Siéntase libre de ponerse en contacto conmigo si usted está interesado en aprender más sobre lo que ofrecen nuestros programas. ​ ​ Jeanette Briseño Director of Language Acquisition Directora de Adquisición de Lenguaje 708-303-4021 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee Members (BPAC) Miembros del Comité Asesor de Padres Bilingües 2020-2021 Sra. Mariely Martinez (Presidenta) Gladys Sánchez - Vicepresidenta Bárbara Avalos- Secretaria DUAL LANGUAGE INFORMATIONAL FLYER ENGLISH LENGUAJE DUAL VOLANTE INFORMATIVO ESPAÑOL DUAL LANGUAGE FAQs ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE RESOURCES ASSESSMENT BPAC FLYERS CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DR. POTOWSKI SPECIAL EVENT


    We are aware that access to PowerLearning/Unified Classroom is slow or intermittent. The situation is known to Powerschool and they are actively working on a solution. We will also update as we receive more information about this. Please click below to follow the status from Powerschool directly. CLOSE WINDOW


    District Office Staff District Office Staff Office of the Superintendent Mary Havis, Superintendent ​ Mirna Pedraza, Administrative Assistant for the Superintendent and Board of Education ​ Click here to visit the Superintendent page Business Office Jenny Hosty, Business Manager, CSBO Toni LeGare, Administrative Assistant for the Business Office Ariana Macedo, Administrative Assistant for the Business & Personnel ​ Carolina Macedo, Administrative Assistant for the Business Office ​ Victor Tello, Transportation Coordinator ​ Lupita DeLa Riva, Administrative Assistant for Transportation ​ Click here to visit the Business Office page ​ Office of Teaching & Learning Beatriz Maldonado, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning ​ Karina Cruz, Administrative Assistant for Teaching & Learning ​ Jeanette Briseno, Director of Language Acquisition ​ Lourdes Uribe, Administrative Assistant for Language Acquisition ​ Lindsey Sinde, Director of Learning Management & Assessment ​ Samantha Shuman, Director of Instructional Innovation ​ Amanda Thompson, Preschool Director Karla Gutierrez, Administrative Assistant for Preschool ​ Leah O’Donnell, Literacy Coordinator ​ Click here to visit the Teaching & Learning page ​ Office of Staff & Student Services and Special Education David Bruno, Assistant Superintendent of Staff & Student Services Ryan Kozin, Assistant Special Education Director Maria Argueta, Administrative Assistant for Special Education Deena Custodio, Special Education Coordinator ​ Click here to visit the Staff & Student Services and Special Education page Office of Technology Jim Kloss, Director of Information Technologies Justine Alegado, Administrative Assistant for Technology Jay Ivetic, IT Network Specialist ​ Jason Wilson, IT Network Specialist ​ Ernesto Zamudio, IT Network Specialist ​ Jay Manske, IT Apple Certified Technician ​ Click here to visit the Technology page Office of Buildings & Grounds George Lambesis, Director of Buildings & Grounds Lulu Argueta, Administrative Assistant for Buildings & Grounds, Data Support Specialist ​ Click here to visit the Buildings & Grounds page ​ ​


    Agendas & Approved Minutes Agendas & Approved Minutes Click here to view Board of Education meeting agendas and approved minutes Home Superintendent Board Members Board Goals Agendas and Minutes Board Policy Manual Meetings Dates & Recordings


    Standard Based Reporting ​ District 100 and Standards-Based Reporting During the 2015-2016 year Berwyn South School District 100 implemented a new and improved Standards Based Report Card. Standards-Based report cards provide accurate and timely feedback for students, parents, and teachers, as student progress is measured throughout the year. As the district continues to implement Common Core, Illinois State standards, and NGSS standards, our new and improved report cards will continue to provide a more detailed and comprehensive outlook on student achievement and growth. As background, during the 2014-2015 school year, a committee was formed to research Standards-Based Reporting and best practices, while implementing and executing a transition away from traditional grading. Over twenty District staff members and administrators, along with members of the community, dedicated themselves to constructing a best fit for South Berwyn. The committee developed a report card that it felt best fit our community. We are extremely pleased that the transition to Standards-Based Reporting at all eight District 100 Schools went smoothly, and during 2016-2017 we will continue to provide this more specific feedback on student learning. ​ ​ Standards Based Grading Please click the link below to access an example of the standards based grading BSD100 utilizes ​ This example is intended to show how BSD100 takes many standards and reports on a larger defined principal ELA Standards PDF ​


    1:1 Wireless Device Program 1:1 Wireless Device Program ​ Berwyn South School District 100 is committed to providing the top educational opportunities and resources for our students, faculty, and staff. Integrating technology into the classroom is essential for student growth when developing skills for creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. With the support of the district community, our teachers have engaged in professional development experiences to ensure students are applying their understanding of grade-level standards through creative opportunities and immediate feedback. By instilling a growth mindset in each of our students, we are able to inspire them to navigate their personal learning journey and goals as they engage in their grade-level content and their device. Our district provides resources to help support students thrive in flexible learning environments. Their learning environments consist of: · Adopting a 1:1 iPad program for K-8 since 2012 · Setting policies and procedures for selecting and loading appropriate subject-driven/grade-level apps onto devices. · Providing interactive displays in classrooms. · Staff-led professional development opportunities · Furniture and learning spaces that support student collaboration and multiple learning styles · Keeping up to date with a strong infrastructure to support learning In support of Berwyn South School District 100’s 1:1 Instructional Program, students, parents, teachers, and staff collaborate together to ensure the success of our program. You can find the information for our Student Digital Guide below and our recent recognition for our Apple Distinguished Schools here . We invite you to visit our district to learn more about our exciting technology initiative. ​ ​ ​ Site Visit Requests ​ If you would like to learn with us please fill out this Google Form to request a date for a Site Visit . ​ ​


    McKinney-Vento McKinney-Vento ​ 2020-21 REGISTRATION FOR MCKINNEY-VENTO Berwyn South School District 100 will begin 2020-21 registration under McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act in August 2020. Please contact the Homeless Liaison at 708-795-2300 to schedule an appointment for registration. ​ ​ INSCRIPCIÓN 2020-21 PARA MCKINNEY-VENTO El Berwyn South School District 100 comenzará la inscripción 2020-21 bajo la Ley de Asistencia Educativa McKinney-Vento para Personas sin Hogar en agosto del 2020. Comuníquese con el Enlace de Personas sin Hogar al 708-795-2300 para programar una cita para la inscripción. ​ ​ ​ Homeless Liaison David Bruno email: Links ​ Rights of Homeless Students What is McKinney-Vento? ​