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    SIT Conference SIT Conference 2024 ​ SIT Conference Saturda y, March 9, 2024 8 am to 2:00 pm Heritage Middle School 6850 W 31st St Berwyn, IL 60402 Session Schedule Session Descriptions


    Welcoming District Resolution Welcoming District Resolution RESOLUTION to affirm Berwyn South School District 100 as a welcoming district for all students and families ​ WHEREAS, the Berwyn South School District 100 Board of Education is committed to inclusive teaching and learning environments for all District 100 students, staff and families; ​ WHEREAS, District 100 provides equal educational and extracurricular opportunities for all students without regard to color, race, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, gender identity, status of being homeless or immigration status; ​ WHEREAS, District 100 celebrates Berwyn’s diversity resolution entered into the records of the City of Berwyn on November 22, 2016; ​ WHEREAS, District 100 values and celebrates the diversity of our students, staff and families; ​ WHEREAS, District 100 does not require students to disclose information about their citizenship or immigration status; ​ WHEREAS, District 100 has policies that prohibit harassment and promote the safety and security of all students and staff; ​ WHEREAS, pursuant to State law District 100 schools welcome all K-8 children who reside in South Berwyn regardless of immigration status; ​ NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education is committed to the safety and well-being of students and staff and prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment. The Board values all students, staff, and families and will continue to provide an inclusive environment that treats everyone with respect and fairness. ​ Board of Education of Berwyn South School District 100. Dated this 25th day of January 2017. ​ ​ ​ Welcoming District Resolution Doc ​ Home Superintendent Board Members Board Goals Agendas and Minutes Board Policy Manual Meetings Dates & Recordings


    District Departments Home Business & Finance Department of Language Acquisition Human Resources Coaches Preschool Special Education Transportation Department Building & Grounds


    Board of Education Goals Board of Education Goals ​ Goal 1: All students will be college and career ready by preparing them with 21st century skills Objective 1.1 - Utilize data continuously and rigorously to inform practice at the district, school, classroom, and individual child levels Objective 1.2 - Deliver a relevant and challenging curriculum Objective 1.3 - Offer high-quality, differentiated instruction for every child Goal 2: Recruit, Support, and Retain High-Quality Staff Objective 2.1 - Attract, recruit, and hire highly qualified personnel Objective 2.2 - Motivate and retain high-performing employees Objective 2.3 - Provide high-quality professional development, training, and coaching that supports effective leaders and teachers ​ Goal 3: Create collaborative Family and Community Partnerships Objective 3.1 - Establish a foundation of solid parent and community partnerships by implementing two-way communication practices. Objective 3.2 - Build strong relationships with the Berwyn community, including residents, businesses, and civic leaders Objective 3.3 - Strengthen partnerships with parents and provide multiple avenues for meaningful parent engagement and communication at both school and district levels Goal 4: Provide a Caring, Safe, and Healthy Environment that Supports the Development of the Whole Child Objective 4.1 - Implement policies that support student health, nutrition, and physical activity Objective 4.2 - Provide research based interventions and supports that foster positive behavior, social-emotional development, and a collaborative school environment Goal 5: Efficient and Effective Management of Resources Objective 5.1 - Manage district resources efficiently and effectively to promote student achievement Adopted by the Board of Education on September 24, 2014. Home Superintendent Board Members Board Goals Agendas and Minutes Board Policy Manual Meetings Dates & Recordings


    Board Member Handbook Board Member Handbook The Berwyn South School District 100 Board of Education understands and appreciates that access to quality public education is not just a constitutional requirement, but also a moral and ethical imperative. Ensuring students have an opportunity to fully maximize their potential is the guiding principle. Accordingly, all students are entitled to a quality educational experience that prepares them to be college and career ready and inspires them to be lifelong learners. This is no easy task. It requires necessary and appropriate leadership from many levels within the organization, including building staff, principals, District 100 administration and the Board of Education. It requires a Board of Education that is both collectively and individually committed to governing as a professional oversight board. This means a dedication to the principles and practices of professional governance, a shared understanding and adherence to board policies and internal protocols, a focus on continuous improvement as an embodiment of a lifelong learner, and a willingness to model effective leadership to students, staff and the community at large. ​ What is effective leadership? There are thousands of books on this subject but here’s a few key points when working on a board: ​ Speak to share your vision, not to wound another Listen to understand, not respond Demonstrate the behavior you expect from others Recognize success and let it be known Motivate, inspire and empower others Take responsibility for your decisions, action or inaction Keep kids at the forefront The purpose of this handbook is to provide a document that will support new and future board members in understanding the role of the Board of Education and the policies and procedures that govern the work. A significant component of new school board member orientation is a thorough understanding of the contents of this book as well as training mandated by the State of Illinois. Education is continuously evolving, as such, updates will continually be made to ensure this handbook is current and relevant. ​ Please click on the link below to view the Board Member Handbook. ​ Board Member Handbook ​ Home Superintendent Board Members Board Goals Agendas and Minutes Board Policy Manual Meetings Dates & Recordings


    Community Organizations Community Organizations ​ Sobe Education Foundation City of Berwyn Berwyn Township Berwyn Park District Berwyn Public Library Berwyn Police Department Berwyn Recreation Department PAV YMCA Berwyn Development Corporation MacNeal Hospital Morton West High School District 201 Morton College Youth Crossroads Our American Voice (OAV) ​


    Menu & Meal Program Meal & Menu Program Menu ​ ​ Please click on the link below for more Menu information ​ ​ ​ ​ Meal Program We are pleased to inform you that Berwyn South School District 100 will continue to participate in the Community Eligibility Option (CEP) program offered by the United States Department of Agriculture for the 2023 /2024 school year. This program allows us to provide a breakfast and lunch to our enrolled students at no cost to families. Parents or guardians are not required to apply or provide documentation for free or reduced fee breakfast and lunch. Parents or guardians do, however, need to complete a household and income eligibility form with proper documentation to determine qualification for free or reduced registration and school fees. USDA guidelines stipulate that students must select three (3) out of five (5) healthy food components at each meal – one of which must be a fruit or vegetable - for a healthy, balanced breakfast and/or lunch. Also, students are not allowed to take milk alone. Milk must be combined with a fruit or vegetable and one other component to total 3 items. Updates about menus and programs will be posted on . To learn more about healthy school meals visit or . We hope you and your children have a great year! Please feel free to call us with any questions or comments. ​ ​ Programa de comidas Nos complace informarle que Berwyn South School District 100 continuará participando en el programa Community Eligibility Option (CEP) ofrecido por el Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos para el año escolar 2023-2024. Este programa nos permite proporcionar el desayuno y el almuerzo a nuestros estudiantes matriculados sin costo para las familias. Los padres o tutores no están obligados a presentar una solicitud o proporcionar documentación para el desayuno y almuerzo gratis o con tarifa reducida. Sin embargo, los padres o tutores deben completar un formulario de elegibilidad del hogar y los ingresos con la documentación adecuada para determinar calificación para matrícula y cuotas escolares gratuitas o reducidas. Las pautas del USDA estipulan que los estudiantes deben seleccionar tres (3) de cinco (5) componentes de alimentos saludables en cada comida, uno de los cuales debe ser una fruta o verdura, para un desayuno y / o almuerzo saludable y equilibrado. Además, los estudiantes no pueden tomar leche solamente. La leche debe combinarse con una fruta o verdura y otro componente para un total de 3 elementos. Las actualizaciones sobre menús y programas se publicarán en . Para obtener más información sobre las comidas escolares saludables, visite o . ¡Esperamos que usted y sus hijos tengan un gran año! No dude en llamarnos si tiene preguntas o comentarios ​ ​ ​ Jennifer Hosty Business Manager 708-303-4008 ​ ​ Please contact Aramark directly through the number and email listed below: Jordan Callahan Food Service Director 708-234-3701 ​ Monthly Meal Plan Current Meal Flyers Elementary School Meals ENG & SPA Middle School Meals ENG & SPA Monthly Menu Monthly Menu Elementary School Meals ENG & SPA Middle School Meals ENG & SPA


    Welcoming Schools Welcoming Schools ​ Berwyn South School District 100 is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all students, families and staff regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. To that end, we pledge to continually review our policies, procedures, curriculum and teaching practices to ensure a safe, affirming and healthy school environment where every child can learn and all families feel welcome. ​ Administrative Procedure for Gender Support Gender Support Plan (Courtesy of Gender Spectrum) ​ District Equity & Advocacy Resources (DEAR) Committee Members: ​ Administrator: Beatriz Maldonado Emerson: Luz Macias & Jennifer Kruger Hiawatha: Justin Gonzalez, Katelyn McCloskey, Melissa Pierson & Molly Knott Irving: Rebecca Blaufuss Komensky: James Jazo & Kristina Adamczewski Pershing: Alanna Maloney Piper: Andrea Siegler & Alyssa Harsha Freedom: Beth Iverson Heritage: Michelle Brezek Resources: Illinois Safe Schools Alliance Lurie Children's Hospital Gender Development Services Welcoming Schools


    Student Handbook Student Handbook Please click on the buttons below to access the 2023/2024 Berwyn South School District 100 Student Handbook in both English and Spanish. Please note the January, 2023 update to the Student Attendance and Truancy section of the Student Handbook. Student Handbook English Student Handbook Spanish Student Attendance & Truancy Update


    Professional Development Professional Development in D100 Berwyn South School District 100 is committed to facilitating ongoing professional learning for its staff. As such, we adhere to the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning. These standards guide the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional learning activities in Berwyn South School District 100 as required by the Illinois State Board of Education. "Learning Forward's standards outline the essential elements of and conditions for professional learning that strengthens educator effectiveness and increases student learning. Widespread attention to the standards increases equity of access to high-quality education for every student, not just for those lucky enough to attend schools in more advantaged communities" ( ). Our standards for PD focus on: Learning Communities Leadership Resources Data Learning Designs Implementation Outcomes In addition to participation in professional development opportunities on Institute Days, at after-school workshops, and by attending conferences, Berwyn South School District 100 staff are actively engaging in asynchronous learning options via webinars, Twitter chats, the EdLeadersNetwork, etc. The intended outcome of all Berwyn South School District 100 professional development is to increase educators' practice in order to facilitate successful student learning.


    Student Teachers/Interns Thank you for expressing interest in student teaching / interning / observing at Berwyn South School District 100. We believe that our student’s performance and educational attainment is directly correlated to the passion and professionalism of our staff. We seek to encourage and support pre-teachers, counselors, and social workers that are interested in entering the field of education. We provide a supportive environment where pre-teachers can learn best practices from their cooperating teacher and other staff, attain classroom experience, and grow their professional practice. If you are a pre-teacher that is enrolled in a university program and are interested in student teaching, interning (social workers and counselors), or observing a classroom, please complete a brief application / questionnaire by clicking the button below: ​ ​ ​ Student Teacher / Intern Application If you have any questions regarding student teaching, interning or observing at the District please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Human Resources or the Human Resources Associate: Scott Hadala, Director of Human Resources (708) 303-4093 Melanie Coffey, Human Resources Associate (708) 303-4023


    Crisis Information Crisis Information Crisis information In an emergency situation, please call 911 immediately. To report concerns of child abuse or neglect, call: The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Abuse Hotline: (800) 25-ABUSE Cook County Health Department 24-hour Crisis Line : (312) 864-6000 Students in crisis Need help? You are never alone. Mental health resources are available: Safe2Help Illinois This site encourages learning about ways to help yourself feel better, while making a personal effort to stay safe and healthy. If you need more help or prefer to talk to a person, their trained staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ​ 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat ​ Crisis Text Line (text HOME to 741741) Linden Oaks Crisis Support Line: (630) 305-5027 Berwyn Police Department Non-Emergency: 708-795-5600 ​ ​ List of community resources ​ Berwyn Township Public Health District Berwyn Public Health District is to provide medical and sanitation resources to meet the needs of our community. Morton East School Clinic Provides medical support and other health related questions Youth Crossroads Youth Crossroads supports youth, guiding them through life’s challenges, and inspiring them to discover new opportunities for personal development, healthy relationships, and positive community involvement Sarah's Inn Sarah’s Inn provides comprehensive services for families affected by domestic violence so that they get the support they need to find safety, rebuild their lives, and heal. Spanish speakers are available. ​ Pillars Mental Health and Crisis Services Pillars Community Health crisis workers are available 24 hours a day through our crisis hotline, 708-PILLARS (708-745-5277). Riveredge Hospital Specialized inpatient and outpatient behavioral healthcare to children, adolescents, young adults and adults. Hartgrove Behavioral Health Services An all-encompassing psychiatric healthcare service that is both effective and efficient. ​ ​

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