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Bringing BSD100 Back


District 100’s Return to School Road Map: Bringing BSD100 Back includes a full remote start for students on August 24. The return to school translation highlights are outlined below.


  • School begins for all students on Monday, August 24.

  • The school year will begin for all students remotely and will progress through hybrid to full in-person learning,
    as guidance allows.

  • Assuming our state and region remain in Phase 4 and it is safe bring students back to school at half capacity, hybrid learning may begin after 5 weeks. Regular checkpoints are built into the plan to determine next steps. The first checkpoint is after 5 weeks (September 25) and the second checkpoint is at the end of Quarter 1 (October 23).

  • The remote learning model will be enhanced from the spring to include more live lessons and direct instruction, structured schedules, small group supports, and independent, self-paced activities. Student work will be submitted and standards-based grading will be implemented as usual at each grade level. Flexibility will be provided for students to complete learning activities after regular school hours.

  • Schools will be open and accessible to students for individual academic, social-emotional, and related-service support.

  • Opportunities for in-person options for some students, including students with IEPs, 504 plans, and English language learners, will be available.

  • Meal service will be available for pick-up at all school sites.

  • A decision to move from remote learning to hybrid learning will be determined based on state and local guidance.

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