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Meet the iCoaches

The vision of the iCoach Department is to impact teachers in transforming the culture of the classroom which perpetuates continual growth and collaboration for ALL learners across the district. 

Jordan Pelton joined Berwyn South School District 100 in 2010 as a 1st grade co-teacher. She also taught 4th grade before becoming one of the District’s iCoaches, traveling throughout the district, instructing and coaching staff on the use, applications and capacity of technology in the classroom. Jordan is now the iDirector, Instructional Director, for BSD100.  She  oversees 1:1, District iCoaches, site visits, District 100’s iEngage Conference and the Students Involved in Technology (SIT) Conference.  She has her Bachelor’s of Elementary and Special Education from Butler University and Masters of Curriculum Studies from DePaul University. She is also an Apple Distinguished Educator. 


She is passionate about:

  • SAMR
  • Professional Development
  • iSWAT (I am a Student Willing to Assist with Technology)
  • Professional/Personal Learning Networks
  • New challenges and out of the box thinking!
  • iPad creativity 
  • Working with teachers to enhance student learning


Blog: ilearnandteach.blogspot.com 

Twitter: @jg_jgarrett

Email: jpelton@bsd100.org 

Mona Towner has been an educator in Berwyn South School District 100 for 27 years. She taught 1st grade, 4th grade and computers. Her current job title is Instructional Coach. Mona travels to all eight buildings to coach teachers on integrating technology to meet the Standards and other proven strategies in the classroom. 


She believes that devices in the classroom allow us to truly differentiate the curriculum, and meet students where they are academically. She believes in using TPACK and the SAMR model to integrate technology in the classroom. Students should be using the devices to show us their thinking and demonstrate their understanding. She use cognitive coaching to help support teachers as they plan and deliver their lessons and reminds them that the use of technology should help them to better meet their objective(s) for each lesson.


Mona is the Google Apps Administrator, Social Media Manager, and Summer School Tech Director for the district. She is also a member of the district professional development team and delivers professional development to the staff on a regular basis. Mona has told the story of District 100 at thirteen outside agencies or conferences in the last three years.


She is passionate about:

  • Working with kids
  • SAMR
  • Finding apps that let students show their thinking and demonstrate their understanding
  • Providing professional development opportunities for teachers
  • Social media
  • Gamification in education


Find her on social media! 


Blog: http://talesofanicoach.blogspot.com 

Twitter: @rmbtowner_tech

Instagram: @townerceo

Email: rtowner@bsd100.org 



Angela Gonzales joined Berwyn South School District 100 in 2015 as a 5th grade teacher and now works as an iCoach for the district. She has an Elementary Education degree from DePaul University and a Master’s Degree from Dominican University with an endorsement in English as a Second Language and Technology Specialist. 

She is passionate about: 
  • Equity
  • Personalized Learning 
  • Ed Tech
  • Reaching all Learners 
  • Makerspace Buddies 
  • Flexible Seating
  • iSWAT
She’s eager to innovate with teachers and students this year! 
Twitter: @MissGonzales_
Justin Gonzalez has been a proud member of the D100 staff since 2015. He has experience teaching in multiple grade levels including kindergarten, first grade, third grade and fifth grade. He has an Elementary Education degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master’s Degree from Concordia University in Educational Leadership. 


He is passionate about:

  • Ed Tech
  • Effectively Integrating Technology
  • Gamification/Badging
  • Coding
  • Teacher and Student Reflection
  • Inspiring Students 
He would love to work with you this school year!


Twitter: @Mr_JGonzalez