Human Resources




James Calabrese 

Director of Staff and Student Services,

with Maria Argueta, Ext. 4022


● Complaint/Harassment Concerns

● Practicum and Student Teacher Placements

● Safety Coordination

● Substitute Teachers

● McKinney Vento/Homeless Liason

● Edlio Website



Jennifer Hosty

Business Manager, CSBO., Ext. 4008


Joan Maul, Ext. 4019

● Payroll Services

● TRS and IMRF Benefits


● University Course Approval and Lane Changes


Ariana Macedo, Ext. 4013

● Employee Benefits

● Employee Assistance Program

● Student Activity Account and Purchase Order Processing

● FMLA Family Medical Leave Act requests

● Injury Incidents and Workman’s Compensation 


Toni LeGare, Ext. 4007

● Food Service Coordinator

● Accounts Payable 

● Medical Reimbursements


Guadalupe Argueta, Ext. 4002

● Student Information System Specialist




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