Berwyn South School District 100

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About Us

About Us

Berwyn South School District 100 will rank within the top 25% of districts in the State of Illinois as evidenced by state testing.


Adopted by the Board of Education – 9.24.14


The mission of School District No. 100 is to provide positive, appropriate learning opportunities for each student.  These opportunities shall foster the development of basic values, good citizenship and a sense of self worth to enable students to be productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.

School District No. 100 will enhance learning by supporting:

  •       A competent and caring staff who strive to teach by example
  •       A creative, comprehensive and effective curriculum
  •       A safe, orderly and stimulating environment
  •       An informed and collaborative community


Goals and Objectives


Goal 1: All students will be college and career ready by preparing them with 21st century skills

Objective 1.1 – Utilize data continuously and rigorously to inform practice at the district, school, classroom and individual child levels

Objective 1.2 – Deliver a relevant and challenging curriculum

Objective 1.3 – Offer high-quality, differentiated instruction for every child


Goal 2: Recruit, Support and Retain High-Quality Staff

Objective 2.1 – Attract, recruit and hire highly qualified personnel

Objective 2.2 – Motivate and retain high-performing employees

Activity- Provide high-quality professional development, training and coaching that supports effective leaders and teachers


Goal 3: Create collaborative Family and Community Partnerships

Objective 3.1 – Establish a foundation of solid parent and community partnerships by implementing two-way communication practices.

Objective 3.2 –  Build strong relationships with the Berwyn community, including residents, businesses, and civic leaders

Objective 3.3 – Strengthen partnerships with parents and provide multiple avenues for meaningful parent engagement and communication at both school and district levels


Goal 4: Provide a Caring, Safe and Healthy Environment that Supports the Development of the Whole Child

Objective 4.1 –   Implement policies that support student health, nutrition, and physical activity.  

Objective 4.2 – Provide research based   interventions and supports that foster positive behavior, and social-emotional development and a collaborative school environment


Goal 5: Efficient and Effective Management of Resources

Objective 5.1 – Manage district resources efficiently and effectively to promote student achievement

Adopted by the Board of Education – 9.24.14