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A message from the Superintendent

March, 2017


Good afternoon,                                                                                            

Over the past several months, District 100 has shared information about the upcoming April 4th referendum.  The referendum will bring an additional $2 million to the district and would increase taxes approximately $38 per year for every $1000 paid in taxes.  Please visit our website to access a tax calculator to estimate the impact based on your current tax bill.  The district will use the revenue from the referendum to improve instructional programs, maintain after school sports and clubs, retain quality teachers, continue to provide community preschool, and create a financially stable environment for the school community.  It has been the commitment of the Board of Education and District 100 staff to ensure that our community has all the facts about the referendum so that residents can make an informed decision.  Attached is the most recent informational flyer that was shared with families.  Election Day is during our Spring Break, but residents can vote early for local elections at City Hall from 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Saturday.  If you have any further questions about the referendum, please contact me at (708) 303-4033.

Last month, the Board of Education adopted a Welcome District Resolution that affirms our commitment to inclusive teaching and learning environments for all students and staff.  The Board and District staff continued to collaborate with the community to strengthen the resolution to include provisions for protecting students’ and staff members’ confidential information and ensuring that our learning environments are not disrupted by immigration enforcement actions. Please be assured that our schools are safe and staff members are available to support students and families.  The updated resolution is attached and posted on our website.

I am excited to share that the District 100 curriculum teams are making great strides creating a district-aligned curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, and Dual Language.   The curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards that are currently being taught, and will establish consistency for content and order of instruction across all grade levels at all eight schools.  We look forward to sharing the updated curriculum with our families this fall and to expanding our work in other content areas.    In addition to the progress we are making on the goals of our District Improvement Plan, I am proud to share just a few of the many accomplishments of the students and staff at each of the schools in District 100:

During the month of February, Hiawatha Elementary School came together to raise money for the Leukemia Society. The students and staff chose this charity because it was close to their hearts, with a current student battling leukemia. They set their goal at $500 in hopes of helping to find a cure and were thrilled with the overwhelming response!   By the end of the fundraiser, they were proud to donate $5,093.05 to the Leukemia Society. They celebrated with a wonderful assembly to honor the top classrooms and teacher volunteers took a pie in the face from one very special student. It was a great day to be a Hiawatha Husky!

Komensky Elementary School is proud to announce that Foresters Financial has agreed to finance their all-inclusive playground!  The Komensky students and staff invite the community to two special gatherings.  The first one is Design Day scheduled for Thursday, April 13th at 3 p.m., where students and families will be able to design their ideal playground.  Saturday, June 10th will be our Build Day starting at 8 a.m. Come and help Komensky build their playground in one day!

Piper Elementary School is excited to share that their Green Team added two Little Book Libraries to the front of the school and the reading garden. They are filled with books donated by students and they love picking out new books to read! Students are also working to improve the playground and to raise money for children with cancer.  They have raised enough money to order three new benches to add to the playground and reading garden and have purchased fabric to make over 20 blankets to donate to children battling cancer.

The Heritage Middle School Pathways Underwater Robotics Team placed first in one of the events at the regional competition, earning the lowest time in the obstacle course challenge in a competition with more than 30 participating schools and over 500 students!  HMS also had three teams participate in the State Robotics competition and out of 26 teams, all three teams made it to the semifinals.  Team Cereal, one of the HMS teams, also won the Innovative Design award for their Robotics design.  The Me to We Club was featured in the Suburban life for raising $1200 to purchase goats for Tanzania.

Freedom Middle School was represented by nineteen students at Morton High School's annual math competition.  Students participated in several events throughout the day, with eight students placing in event competitions.  FMS students continued the fundraising efforts in District 100, raising approximately $2400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Irving Elementary School ran two fundraisers, raising over $5,000 for childhood cancer research and Leukemia patients.  The events culminated in school wide assemblies where students and staff celebrated their fundraising success.  The school also worked towards a PBIS goal that allowed a school wide STEAM activity in the gym.  Students participated in cross-curricular activities with different grade levels to solve fun, real world problems and our chorus performed at the St. Patrick’s Day luncheon at the Berwyn Recreation Center.

The students at Pershing Elementary School just finished up their Pen-Pal Club.  Pershing teachers worked with a small group of students to build some great community relationships with a pen-pal program.  Each student was paired with a community member and they exchanged letters via the US mail.  The students really enjoyed receiving mail at school from their buddies. The program ended with a meet-and-greet party so students could meet and chat with their pen pal face-to-face.  It was a great experience for everyone involved.

At Emerson Elementary School, students partnered with teachers in the building, the Berwyn Police and the Emerson PTA to organize a school safety patrol and presented to the entire school at their school-wide morning meetings.  Students are very excited to begin their patrols when they return from Spring Break!  Emerson’s 4th grade team has been taking advantage of the N.W. Harris Learning Collection at The Field Museum.  Each month, a member of the team visits the museum and checks out specimens, artifacts and related curricular materials.  The 4th graders have set up a Museum Gallery so all Emerson students can take advantage of the program.

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break.

Mary Havis


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